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Buy brand name Keppra - where to buy Keppra online



Buy brand name Keppra - where to buy Keppra online

We fund, launch and operate start-up companies to develop advanced surgical technologies

that are ready for clinical use.

Business Plan

- Value Propostion - Market Research - Regulatory Strategy - Reimbursement Strategy - Health Economics - Intellectual Property Analysis - Competitive Analysis - Financials

Raising Funds

- Private Placement Memorandum - Subscription Agreements - Operating Agreements - Investor Qualification - Investor Presentations - Registrations - Fund Closing

Company Launch

- Management Team - Operational Team - Advisory Boards - Operating Agreements - Equity Agreements - Services Agreements - Quality Systems - Financial Systems - Infrastructure -Incorporation & Registrations

R&D and Clinical Use

- Corporate Governance - Audits & Reporting - Research & Development - Product Regulatory Approvals - Clinical Product Build - Design & Process Validations - Clinical Use

Company Sale

- Acquirer Qualification - Acquirer Presentations - Product Demonstrations - Due Diligence Support - Transaction Negotiations - Transaction Agreements - Transaction Closing


We achieve more value building milestones with fewer investment dollars:

  • Proven experts in medical device innovation & product development
  • Our employees hold over 200 unique issued US patents
  • Pure focus on orthopedic and spine markets
  • Highly developed industry and surgeon network
  • Immediate deployment of talent and resources for rapid company launch
  • Proven systems for cost effective company operations
  • No ongoing “burn rate” to deplete raised capital
  • Track record of successful company exits


The Surgical Frontiers business model provides lower risk, faster exits and higher returns


  • Venture Capital

    • $50M – $100M
    • 6 – 10 Years
    • $150M – $500M
    • 30% – 50%

  • Surgical Frontiers

    • $2M – $5M
    • 2 – 4 YEARS
    • $10M – $40M
    • 50% – 100%


The Process is all about the Value Proposition: a compelling solution to a large, unmet need that will drive market adoption


Partner with Surgical Frontiers to improve patient outcomes!

  • Bring better surgical care options to your patients
  • Teach advanced surgical techniques to your peers
  • Collaborate on project related, publishable research
  • Diversify your investment portfolio with investment in a start up company
  • Invest in something that you are passionate about and know intimately

Business Plan

Identify unmet clinical needs and opportunities

Fund Raising

Participate in funding the company (optional)

Company Launch

Serve on the -Scientific Advisory Board

Company Operation

Collaborate with engineers to develop innovative solutions

Company Sale

Demonstrate clinical value to potential commercial partners


Invest in portfolio company to develop innovative product lines!

  • Fill gaps in product portfolios
  • Create revenue growth
  • Significantly reduce cost of acquisition by investing at start-up
  • Turn R&D expenses (P&L) into a balance sheet transaction
  • De-risk R&D Investment with option to purchase
  • Let Surgical Frontiers attract a world class scientific advisory board

Business Plan

Provide guidance on product lines that meet your needs

Fund Raising

Participate in funding portfolio company

Company Launch

Serve on the -Board of Directors -of portfolio company

Company Operation

Receive timely progress reports

Company Sale

Option to purchase portfolio company


A proven leadership team bringing decades of industry experience

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fallin is a serial entrepreneur in the medical device industry, with a focus in the orthopedic and spine markets.  He has co-founded six companies: MedicineLodge (twice), IMDS, Facet Solutions, VentureMD and Surgical Frontiers.  Four of these companies have been acquired; two by publically traded companies, and two by large privately held companies.  Two of the previously founded companies now employ over 250 people in Cache County, Utah, where he lives.  Mr. Fallin holds a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He currently holds over 150 issued U.S. patents, with more patents pending.

VP Of Finance And Operations

Mr. Robbins has over 20 years experience in financial and operational management.  His scope of responsibilities has included enterprise financial management, information technology management, human resources management, reporting to senior management teams and boards of directors, corporate secretary, and management of manufacturing operations.  His past experience includes Controller of Ophir-Spiricon, Inc., Vice President of Finance and Director of Operations at Fact Solutions, Inc., Director of Operations at MedicineLodge, Inc., Controller of Innovasive Devices, Inc., and Auditor at Price Waterhouse.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Brigham Young University and a Master of Accountancy degree from Brigham Young University.

Director Of Research

Mr. Hoy has over 15 years of experience developing innovative medical devices, primarily in the orthopedic, sports medicine, spine and extremities markets. He has a passion for both improving patient outcomes and building shareholder value through addressing high-volume, unmet clinical needs. Mr. Hoy has held management positions at MedicineLodge, Facet Solutions, VentureMD and Surgical Frontiers. His expertise include product development, market & reimbursement analysis, biomechanical & clinical research, surgeon education, regulatory submissions and divestiture due diligence. He currently holds 42 issued U.S. patents, with multiple pending applications. Mr. Hoy holds a Masters of Engineering and Bachelors of Science both in Biological Engineering from Cornell University.


Developing breakthrough products

Less invasive surgical techniques that restore normal anatomy for bunions and bunionettes, and small bone arthrodesis and osteotomies for improved patient outcomes.

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Less invasive intramedullary fracture fixation of the clavicle, radius, ulna and fibula that provides anatomic reduction and reduced hardware related complications.

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Advanced soft tissue to bone repair system for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, Achilles tendon repair and ligament stabilization techniques.

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For ankle sprains and ankle fractures, the most precise, and the most anatomic, ligament reinforcement and repair systems available.

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MTP Solutions is part of the portfolio of VentureMD, the former employer of the Surgical Frontiers team.

Market: Lesser Toe Deformities and Instabilities
US Annual Diagnoses: 2,000,000

US Annual Procedures: 500,000

Standard of care: non-anatomic surgical repairs:  osteotomies, tendon transfers and joint fusion

Complications: up to 50% patient dissatisfaction rates at 1-2 years

Solution:  comprehensive surgical repair system to provide first-to-market anatomic restoration for the lesser toes

Product Website: can you buy Keppra over the counter in uk


May 2011

Operations Started

Dec 2011

Research Completed

Dec 2012

Product Fully Developed; 10 Patents Pending

Jan 2013

Sales Process Started

Jun 2013

First Human Clinical Case

Sep 2013

Sale Closed


Please contact us so that, together, we can Improve Surgery, and Improve Lives!